Keeping your home warm

person laying loft insulation.

Each of these measures will help you to reduce your energy costs by making your home warmer and more energy efficient. They will help to -

  • keep the heat in your home
  • keep the cold out of your house
  • reduce the energy used to keep your home warm.

The Warm Homes Team may be able to help you with these.

Loft insulation

Insulating your loft can be an effective way to prevent heat loss and as a result reduce your heating bills. It is quick and easy to install.

Room in the roof insulation

Insulating your room in the roof, not loft conversions, can be an effective way to prevent heat loss and as a result reduce your heating bills.

Cavity wall insulation

Around a third of all heat lost in an uninsulated home is lost through the walls. In general, properties built before 1930 will have solid walls which cannot be filled with cavity wall insulation. Properties built after the 1930s may be suitable for cavity wall insulation, subject to survey.

Gas boiler replacements and repairs

Upgrading your boiler can reduce the amount of fuel used to heat your home as newer boilers are more energy efficient. Where an existing gas boiler has broken down, we are able to undertake a repair or replacement as necessary, subject to survey.

First time central heating

Putting central heating in your home can reduce your energy costs, as other forms of heating such as fan heaters and fires can be less efficient. First time central heating systems are for those homeowners who currently live in a house that does not have a gas central heating system in place, subject to survey.

Further help

The Warm Homes Team can provide advice and support on the above.

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Grants and funding to help keep your home warm

You may also be entitled to apply for grants and funding to make energy efficiency improvements to your home.

Help to pay your fuel bills

If you are in receipt of certain benefits or are on a low income, you may be eligible to apply for help to pay your fuel bills.